350 PRO In-line System

Duplo's 350 PRO In-line booklet system is a perfect entry level in-line system. Its configuration is supported by Ricoh printers with DBM-350 Bookletmaker. Additionally, it eliminates touchpoints and manual intervention allowing for an easy efficient production line that anyone can operate. Its ideal for applications such as calendars, corporate reports, yearbooks and magazines.

Duplo and Ricoh have partnered to bring the 350 PRO/350R In-line Booklet System. Using the Ricoh Peripheral Interface Port (RPIP) together with the Duplo DIB-R In-line Bridge, the 350 PRO/350R In-line Booklet System connects the Duplo DBM-350 Bookletmaker to supported Ricoh printers. The result? A heavy-duty bookletmaking solution for entry level production that eliminate touch points and enables printed documents to be delivered one sheet at a time into the bookletmaker without any manual intervention required.

The 350 PRO In-line Booklet System is available for Ricoh PRO C9100/9110/7100/7110. The 350R In-line Booklet System is available for Ricoh 8100/8110/8120.

Please refer to product brochure for entire list of specs