Duplo's CF 375 Touchline is as powerful as it looks, able to consistently process 6,000 letter-sized sheets in an hour, regardless of the number of folds or creases! Flexibility is the name of the game with the CF375, which allows a huge range of paper weights and sizes so that all of your folding or creasing projects can be handled with the same machine.

The CF375 Touchline is the ideal creasing and folding solution for the high volume printer. Utilizing a variety of high quality tools for non-stop productivity, the CF375 creases and folds a wide range of documents up to 6,000 sheets per hour. Users can process documents up to 400gsm and sizes up to 14.76" x 39.37", with the optional tray extension. The CF 375's operation is simple, as is suggested by the name "Touchline" - just enter the sheet length and fold type on the convenient touch screen and the machine will do the rest. Also the CF375 Creasing and Folding Machine is mounted on casters for mobility around the printing department.

Feed Capacity


Paper Size Minimum

4.13” x 5.82”

Paper Size Maximum

14.76” x 41.33”

Paper Stock

26 lb. Bond—150 lb. Cover (100-400gsm)

Number of Creases


Number of Folds



6,000 sheets per hour