Duplo's DKT 200 2-Knife Trimmer offers a small footprint and has a big impact on production. It configures with the ISaddle system and most DBM-600 configurations. It offers three-sided trimming capabilities, as well as, a gutter cutter option which processes 2-up applications. This unit can process up to 4,500 books per hour. Its ideal applications include calendars, catalogs, yearbooks, magazines, and so much more.

Available for Duplo collating and sheet feeding systems connected with the DBM-600 Bookletmaker or iSaddle System, the DKT-200 adds three-side trimming capabilities, enabling operators to cut the head and foot of booklets for a full-bleed finish. With a compact footprint of 36" x 32", the DKT-200 offers a simple straight paper path that is gentle on easily-scratched, digitally-printed materials. The unit can process up to 4,500 books per hour and up to 9,000 books per hour when processing 2-up applications using the optional gutter cutter. Full-bleed jobs can now be transferred directly from the press to the bookletmaker or saddle stitcher without the need to trim the sheets on a guillotine before or after.

Booklet Size

4.72” x 2.95” to 14.02” x 10”

When gutter cutter option is used:
7.87" x 2.95” to 14.02” x 10” (gutter)

Finished Size

4.72” x 2.95” to 13.9” x 10”

When gutter cutter option is used:
3.54" x 2.95” to 6.85” x 10”

Trimming Width

0.04-1.18” Gutter: 0.24”

Trimming Thickness

Within 5mm (no gutter), fine 81.4 gsm, 22 lb. 50 sheets


Up to 9,000 sets/hour with gutter cutter
Up to 4,500 sets/hour

See product brochure for complete specifications.


  • Gutter cutter