FB-706 Form Burster

Duplo's FB-706 Form Burster is ideal for any office environment due to its small footprint and quiet motor. The 706 is unbeatable in quality and performance, it bursts, trims, decollates, and slits continuous forms and suits any form handling requirement while enhancing the final appearance of the product.

The Duplo FB-706 Form Burster bursts, trims, decollates, and slits continuous forms at a variable speed of up to 410 feet per minute. Ideal for any office environment, the electronic length settings and fixed burst rollers make the FB-706 compact and quiet. The user-friendly control panel allows a quick and easy form length set up. Built-in light indicators on both margin slitters show where sheets will be slit. Form job memory stores up to 120 jobs, reducing setup time for commonly used jobs.

Form Size

Length: 3”-14”

Width: 4”-18” (4” to 17” finished width)

Margin Slit Width


Single-Ply Form Capacity

47-157 gsm (bond)

Multi-Ply Form Capacity

8-part carbonless (40-50 gsm)


26-410 feet per minute