pfiBIND 2000 PUR Perfect Binder

Duplo's pfiBIND 2000 PUR Perfect Binder is a single-clamp perfect binder for shorter runs. It is capable of up to 290 cycles per hour and has the world's smallest closed tank, PUR system. The latest closed tank technology is designed to minimize PUR waste by applying the PUR glue with precision and accuracy to each book block. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, the pfiBIND 2000 PUR is a cost effective solution that saves time and money.

The pfiBIND 2000 PUR Perfect Binder is the world's smallest PUR perfect binder designed for short-run production. With a speed of up to 290 cycles per hour, the single-clamp pfiBIND 2000 PUR features a user-friendly, color LCD touchscreen and a closed-tank, patented Orbital PUR system that provides accurate glue application on the spine and the side.

The PUR nozzle consists of two circular orbits with a slot on each. When the sensor near the nozzle detects the book block, the slot on both orbits align and the PUR glue is precisely and accurately applied. When the book block moves away, the slot on the inner orbit moves and seals the PUR glue. The inner nozzle shuts off or switches on the PUR glue with extreme speed and accuracy while maintaining constant pressure and benchmarking the quality.

The pfiBIND 2000 PUR Perfect Binder is equipped with a motorized, heavy-duty milling and notching tool. The spine preparation tool takes off 0.5mm from the spine of the book block and roughens the spine surface ready for the glue application.

Length of the Document

3.15” to 13.38” (80mm to 340mm)

Thickness of the Document

0.04” to 1.57” (1mm to 40mm)

Minimum Book Size

3.54” x 3.15” (90mm x 80mm)

Cycle Speed

290 cycles per hour

Patented Orbital PUR System

Closed tank

Glue Application on the Spine


EasyLOAD PUR Cartridge

0.3 kg

Warm Up Time

20-25 minutes

Power Supply

220V Single Phase 60Hz 16A


510 lb. (231 kg)


56.77” x 29.53” x 49.6” (1442mm x 750mm x 1260mm)