About IntoPrint

The Early Years...

AB Dick Products of Roanoke made the change from a small analog only AB Dick distributor to a regional leader in digital products. The management team had been in place since 1989 and oversaw the analog to digital transition while being consistently a sales leader with AB Dick.

Southeastern Printers Supply was incorporated in 1983. In twenty years it grew from a supplies only dealer covering south Alabama to a leading dealer covering Alabama, Mississippi, west Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. In 2003, AB Dick Products of Roanoke merged with Southeastern Printers Supply, forming AB Dick Products of the Southeast.

While maintaining the commitment to AB Dick equipment and supplies, AB Dick Products of the Southeast grew into other printing markets, such as wide format durable graphics, digital color laser printing, digital finishing, and high-speed address printing. With these changes a new identity was prompted in 2006; Intoprint Technologies.

Pushing into the Future

Today, Intoprint Technologies continues to be a leading force in the digital printing market.  We have grown to include 11 service representatives and 7 sales representatives covering all of Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, western Georgia, the panhandle of Florida, southeast Ohio and eastern Kentucky. Within these regions, we support 6,400 machines and 5,500 customers.

Due to our growth we now offer multiple machines that are specifically manufactured for Intoprint Technologies, which enables us to offer the highest quality machines to our customers at the best prices.

Our Intoprint brand is also now carried by major digital print vendors across North America. These machines are installed, trained, and supported nationwide by Intoprint to ensure customers always receive the best quality training and support for the life of their solution of choice.