CWT Apollo XL 250 Cutter

The Apollo is a revolutionary vertical cutter. The Apollo is manufactured with a high degree and is an affordable finishing solution for any sign making business. The Apollo is designed to cut cleanly, accurately, without dust and without noise. The Apollo’s interchangeable tool cartridges (each cartridge can be changed in less than 15 seconds) mean that you only buy the tools you need. A full length clamping system, dual clamps on the 250 and 310 models. 5 year guarantee on all parts except blades and cutting wheels and a 20 year guarantee on the cutting hood bearings.

Apollo XL 250 310 Multi Substrate Linear Cutter

98 Inch Cutting Length

CWT Apollo XL 250 Cutter

The unique features of the Apollo cutters use a linear system to guide the cutting head guarantees an excellent performance and extreme precision, unmatched by and other cutter in the market.

The new Apollo XL 250 can cut materials up to 20mm (3/4") thick. It cuts cleanly, accurately without dust or noise and is the most affordable heavy duty cutter available.

The Apollo XL 250 Cutter can cut up substrates up to 116 inches in height.

Quick Stops:

Two quick stops provide extra lateral support at whatever height you require. The quick stops can also be used for holding boards at an angle if needed.

Additional Quick Stops can be purchased separately.

Production Stops:

Two production stops LH and RH make repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate.

Additional production stops can be purchased separately if required.

Squaring Arm Adjuster Blocks:

Two squaring adjuster blocks, LH and RH are fitted as standard. The precise screw adjustment provides a permanent and accurate squaring solution.

New Cutting Head:

The all new Apollo cutting head takes interchangeable tool cartridges and features a fully integrated laser sight line.

The four nylon bearings can be changed easily and are covered by a 20 year guarantee.

Free Standing Kit:

All machines come as standard with a wall mounting bracket. Optional free standing kits can be purchased separately.

Extension Kit:

Extension Kit for all models can be purchased separately. We don't just extend the squaring arm, we extend the whole machine.

Cutting Features:
  • Aluminum composites up to 4mm
  • Corrugated plastics up to 20mm (3/4")
  • Foamboard up to 20mm (3/4")
  • Honeycomb board up to 20mm (3/4")
  • Magnetic sheet up to 4mm
  • MDF up to 3mm
  • Most other semi rigid plastics
  • PVC foam board up to 13mm (1/2")
  • Plus many more

Using Optional Tools:
  • Aluminum Sheets 1mm (.040")
  • Score and break acrylic up to 6mm (1/4")
  • Score and break glass up to 6mm (1/4")
  • Y-Groove aluminum composites

Apollo XL 250 310 Multi Substrate Linear Cutter 98 Inch Cutting Length


CWT APOLLO XL 165 Multi Substrate Cutter 165cm – 65"

Part #: CWT4043

Cut Length: 165cm (65")

A: 211cm (83")

B: 213cm (84")

C: 50cm (20")

C: 100cm (39")

Packed Weight: 75kg (165lbs)

Packed Dimensions: 271 x 31 x 28cm (107 x 13 x 11")

CWT APOLLO XL 210 Multi Substrate Cutter 210cm – 82"

Part #: CWT4044

Cut Length: 210cm (83")

A: 255cm (100")

B: 213cm (84")

C: 59cm (23")

C: 100cm (39")

Packed Weight: 77kg (169lbs)

Packed Dimensions: 271 x 31 x 28cm (107 x 13 x 11")

CWT APOLLO XL 250 Multi Substrate Cutter 205cm – 98"

Part #: CWT4045

Cut Length: 250cm (98")

A: 294cm (116")

B: 213cm (84")

C: 68cm (27")

C: 140cm (55")

Packed Weight: 83kg (183lbs)

Packed Dimensions: 311 x 31 x 28cm (122 x 13 x 11")

CWT APOLLO XL 310 Multi Substrate Cutter 310cm – 122"

Part #: CWT4046

Cut Length: 310cm (122")

A: 353cm (139")

B: 213cm (84")

C: 82cm (32")

C: 140cm (55")

Packed Weight: 89kg (196lbs)

Packed Dimensions: 371 x 31 x 28cm (146 x 13 x 11")

Optional Toolholders

CWT TH #3A (Aluminum Composite "V" Groover)

Part #: CWT4162-2

CWT TH #3B (Acrylic Scoring)

Part #: CWT4163-2

CWT TH #3C (Glass Scoring)

Part #: CWT4164-2

CWT TH #5 (Sheet Aluminum)

Part #: CWT4165-2


CWT Free Standing Kit 165

Part #: CWT4103

CWT Free Standing Kit 210

Part #: CWT4104

CWT Free Standing Kit 250

Part #: CWT4105

CWT Free Standing Kit 310

Part #: CWT4106

CWT Extension 165

Part #: CWT4133

CWT Extension 210

Part #: CWT4134

CWT Extension 250

Part #: CWT4135

CWT Extension 310

Part #: CWT4136


CWT MD Utility Blades (100's)

Part #: CWT4170

CWT Aluminum Composite Wheel Set

Part #: CWT4173

CWT Acrylic Scoring Blades (10's)

Part #: CWT4174

CWT "V" Groover Blade

Part #: CWT4175

CWT Sheet Aluminum Wheel Set

Part #: CWT4176

CWT HD Utility Blades (100's)

Part #: CWT4177

CWT Glass Scoring Wheels (10's)

Part #: CWT4178