Expert 80C Laminator

Perfect Right From the Start. Experience a laminating machine which simply does what it is expected to do. Numerous productivity features contribute to a smooth workflow. The compact and flexible design allow this laminator to be used anywhere quickly and efficiently

The compact design makes this laminating machine a versatile tool which is ready for operation anytime and anywhere. Intelligent design supports wrinkle-free laminating of all varieties of materials. The highly sturdy mechanical design makes it a truly professional machine designed for a long life cycle.

Wide Spectrum of Applications

The Easylam Expert 80C can handle materials up to a width of 30 in. , which makes it the perfect tool for smaller wide format printers, or as a tape applicator. Typical applications are: rigid and flexible displays for indoor and outdoor use, walk-on visuals for floor advertising, light box displays, popup displays.

Simple Operation

The machine is a table top laminator. It is operated via 3 switches on the housing and a foot pedal. The compact design makes the Easylam Expert 80C versatile and quickly ready for use everywhere. The practical design allows crease-free lamination of a wide variety of materials. The mechanically robust construction speaks for a professional machine with long-term qualities. Grip handles on the left and right of the housing allow the machine to be carried or stored when not in use.

Flexibility For All Kinds of Requirements

The Expert 80C has a roll core holder for the laminate and axis for winding up the liner of the laminate. For the liner axis there is a slip clutch to control tension and the axis for the laminate can be adjusted with a brake. This means that even the smallest member of the Easylam laminator family has professional adjustment options. In addition, the Expert 80C has a holder for a roll of application tape, which then is feed into the laminating roller so that the application tape can be guided directly between the rollers and thus immediately pressed onto your cut stickers.

  • Roller Type - Ethylene Propylene Diamine Monomer (EDPM) Grey
  • Roller Length - 31.50 inches
  • Roller Diameter -  2.75 inches
  • Material Thickness - 0 - 0.25 inches
  • Speed - Up To 9.8 feet/minute
  • Power Requirements - 110V
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) - 41.3” x 14.6” x 13.8”
  • Weight - 66 lbs