Fastback Model 9

The Powis Fastback 9 is ideal for departmental and office use. Simply place the strip and the book block in the binding machine and press the green button. For the highest level of binding strip customization, Image Strip and LX Image Blank allows you to promote your brand, enhance your image and ensure that each prospectus, manual, case study and report you produce is a cut above the competition.

Whether you own a small company that is looking for a low-cost method of binding documents, or you work for a large corporation that wants a way to brand its work, the Fastback® 9 is an excellent choice for all your binding needs. Like its predecessor—the Fastback® 8x—the Fastback 9 can bind a variety of documents, from tape-bound reports, to hard cover books. You can even make paperback books using the Perfectback-Lx PS and LF strips. Best of all is the ability to create your own unique binding strips called Image Strips. Even the plainest black-and-white document becomes something special when bound with an Image Strip.

  • Machine Dimensions: 19.5”W x 11”H x 13”D (49.5cmW x 28cmH x 33cmD)
  • Maximum weight: 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
  • Strip Lengths: 8.5”, 11”, A4, A5 (available as custom size)
  • Spine Thickness: Narrow, medium
  • Page Sizes: 8.5” to 12” (21.6 cm to 30.5 cm)
  • Paper Weight: 20 lb standard (75 gsm) to 32 lb (120 gsm)
  • Edit Capability: Yes (<2 edit cycles, standard Lx strips only)
  • Binding Time: 35-45 seconds
  • Warm-up Time: None
  • Power Requirements: 115VAC, 60 Hz, 8.4 amps
  • Regulatory Approvals: UL, CE, cUL, MITI, FCC Class B