The HCF/HCC gives commercial capacity to the SP, MP, and C900 series of printers. Granting opportunities to large print houses, design firms, specialty printing, and in house print shops. Unlocking new markets and allowing end users to bring print processing back in house. The HCF/HCC delivers high levels of production and reliability, while giving the user flexibility and improved handling on a wide range of media sizes and applications.

Creating a fresh redesign allowed us to add quality of life features for end users. Speed controls on both the feeder and conveyor reduce setup times, and give the end user control over the feeding and conveying process. Our improved separator and adjustable wedge assembly securely control the media exiting the hopper infeed stack. The HCF’s newly designed register board hold down ensures a wider gamut of applications and precision control over media from feeder hopper to the printer feed wheels.

We prioritized key features, such as reduced downtimes and easier maintenance. Reliability was our main mission, using quality materials where it counts. The HCF/HCC are proudly designed and built in the USA. Not only does that allow us to support American manufacturing, but it also allows us to avoid international supply chain shortages and transportation issues which ensures shorter lead times and in-stock products. We have added in many design elements for greater reliability and a comfortable end user experience, such as our industry first quick detachment feed belt unit. This allows end users to easily access, clean, and maintain the feed belts at their convenience, without the need of placing a service call and waiting for a technician.

HCF Control Panel

HCF Pulled Out Rollers

HCF Feeder



Feed Speed (Variable) - Up to 250/min COM 10 — Print Engine Dependant


Feed Width (inch) - 2.68″ – 13″

Feed Length (inch) - 3.5″ – 18″

Dimension (inch) (L,W,H)

HCF - 40″ x 18″ x 49″

HCC - 41″ x 13.5″ x 27″


HCF - 110 lbs

HCC - 80 lbs

Operating Temperature/Humidity

Temperature - 50° – 90°F

Humidity - 20 – 80%

Operation Panel

HCF - Main Power and Feed Motor Switch, Ready Button, and 7 Position Speed Control

HCC - Main Power and 7 Position Speed Control

Power Consumption

HCF - 110V – 3.2 Amps

HCC - 110V – 3.2 Amps

Feeder Life

4,000,000 Pages or 6 Years

Maximum Duty Cycle

100,000 Pages Monthly


Limited - 1 year Warranty

Country of Origin

Made in the USA