Perfmaster Air V3

The Perfmaster Air is an easy-to-use perforating and scoring machine that delivers on speed and accuracy for higher volume jobs. It features a bottom vacuum paper feed with a speed adjustment dial and a built-in adjustable register guide to ensure accurate registration of each sheet at any size up to 18” wide. Control your perf or score depth to accommodate different paper thickness. The Perfmaster Air is also super-fast, delivering up to 26,000 sheets per hour. It’s easy to switch perf wheels or from perf to score in seconds.


  • Built in stand with wheels makes for easy mobility.
  • Quickly change from perforating to scoring in just seconds.
  • 18″ wide paper feed capacity.
  • Easy to set perf and score depth control.
  • Capable of feeding single sheets, coated, multi-part open and glued edged stocks.
  • Paper stops on the receiving tray can be easily adjusted to accommodate the size of the paper.
  • Guide rails on the paper feed table are easily adjustable for various paper sizes.
  • No need to fan the paper before feeding it through the machine.
  • Bottom vacuum feed and dial controlled speed adjustment allow for easy sheet spacing control.
  • Metal paper guide keeps paper flat on the receiving tray.

Model - Perfmaster Air V3

Rating - Best

Perf/Scoring Speed - 26,000 sheets / hour

Feed Type - Vacuum Bottom

Volume - Medium - High

Paper Weight - 60 - 350 gsm

Max Sheet Size - 18" x 24"

Min Sheet Size - 5" x 5"

Power Supply - 110 VAC, 60 HZ, 20A

Dimensions - 44" x 32" x 32"

Machine Weight - 255 lbs

Shipping Weight - 447 lbs