High-speed printing with excellent efficiency. The SF EII series is a significant milestone as well as being a masterpiece of RISO’s ceaseless innovation. With its superior operability, high speed and outstanding print quality, the SF EII series advances you into a whole new dimension of printing.

Digital Duplicators

Overwhelmingly Economical Print Costs

The SF EII series makes prints from a master. The more pages generated from each master the lower the cost per print. This means you can benefit from highly economical large-volume printing in the long run.

Multiple Page Printing

Page layout printing combines multiple copies of the same page, or copies of multiple pages onto a single printed page to save paper. Conveniently condense bulky multiple-page documents in an easy-to-read format. These functions are available when using the printer driver.

Easy Guidance for Changing Consumables

Reading the QR code attached on the duplicator body with a smart device leads to an instruction video on RISO's YouTube channel showing how to replace the master roll and ink cartridge, and empty the master disposal box.

Overlapped Feeding Detection

If paper is fed overlapped, it is automatically detected and the user is informed.

Paper Insertion Function for Easier Sorting

The SF EII series can be programmed to insert a white sheet each time a designated number of pages has been printed. This makes it easier to sort and confirm the amount of documents completed.

Energy Saving

RISO Digital Duplicators do not use toner so a heater that is usually required for bonding toner to the paper is not necessary. They employ automatic shut-off and sleep functions after a certain time interval elapses, to effectively reduce power consumption.

SF5130 EII 

Master Making/Printing Methods

High-speed digital master-making/Fully automatic printing

Original Type

Book or sheet

Master Making Time*1

Quick Master Making mode

Approx. 17 seconds (Letter, short-edge feed)

Normal Master Making mode

Approx. 19 seconds (Letter, short-edge feed)



600 dpi × 600 dpi


300 dpi × 600 dpi

Quick Master Making mode: 300 dpi × 400 dpi

Maximum Scanning Area

11 11/16" × 17" (297 mm × 432 mm)

Print Paper Weight

12-lb bond  – 42-lb bond (46 gsm  – 157 gsm )

Print Paper Size

3 15/16" × 5 13/16" – 12 7/32" × 17" (100 mm × 148 mm – 310 mm × 432 mm)

Maximum Printing Area

8 1/4 inches × 14 1/16 inches (210 mm × 357 mm)

Paper Feed Tray Stacking Capacity

1000 sheets*2, stacking height of 4 11/32" (110 mm) or lower

Paper Receiving Tray Stacking Capacity

1000 sheets*2, stacking height of 4 11/32" (110 mm) or lower

Print Speed

5 levels: 60, 80, 100, 120 and 130 ppm

Print Position Adjustment

Horizontal: ±19/32", Vertical: ±13/32" (Horizontal: ±15 mm, Vertical: ±10 mm)

Image Processing Mode

Line, Photo, Duo, Pencil

Print Reproduction Ratio

Type: inch

Zoom: (50% to 200%), 100% reduction ratio, 3 levels of enlargement (154%, 129%, 121%), 4 levels of reduction (94%, 78%, 65%, 61%)

Type: mm

Zoom: Zoom: (50% to 200%), 100% reduction ratio, 3 levels of enlargement (141%, 122%, 116%), 4 levels of reduction (94%, 87%, 82%, 71%)

User Interface

LCD panel


Original Scanning mode, Scanning Level, Enlargement/Reproduction, Dot Process, 2-Up, Book, Ink Saving, Quick Master Making, ADF-Semi-Auto*3, Speed, Density, Print Position, Program A/B, D-feed check, Slip sheet sorting, Job Separation*4, Idling, Confidential, Meter Display, Count Report Output, Proof, Direct Printing, USB Flash-via-Printing, Paper Memory Print, Auto Sleep Setting, Auto Power-OFF Setting, ECO mode, RISO iQuality System

PC Interface

USB2.0, Ethernet:100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T*5

Ink Supply

Full automatic (1000 ml/cartridge)

Master Supply/Disposal

Full automatic (Legal: approx. 250 sheets per roll)/Disposal capacity: approx. 100 sheets

Power Source

AC 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz <3.4 – 1.6 A>

Power Consumption


Max.: 300 W

Ready: 20 W or lower

Sleep: 5 W or lower

Power-OFF: 0.5 W or lower

Optional Accessories  Connected*6

Max.: 315 W

Ready: 30 W or lower

Sleep: 10 W or lower

Power-OFF: 0.5 W or lower

Dimensions (W×D×H)

In Use

55 23/32" × 26 3/8"*7 × 41 15/16"*8 (1415 mm × 670 mm*7 × 1065 mm*8)

In Storage

30 23/32" × 26 3/8"*7  × 41 15/16"*8 (780 mm × 670 mm*7 × 1065 mm*8)

Required Space (W×D×H)

55 23/32" × 48 13/16 " × 59 21/32"*8 (1415 mm × 1240 mm × 1515 mm*8)


221 lb (100 kg)*9

1 Measurement value when set to 100% reproduction ratio.  

2 When using the following weight of paper: 17-lb bond to 21-lb bond (64 gsm – 80 gsm)

3 Usable when the optional auto document feeder is installed.  

4 Usable when the optional Job Separator is installed.  

5 RISO Network Kit S10 (optional) is required for connecting to the network.  

6 When all the following optional accessories are installed, Auto Document Feeder, IC Card Reader.

7 The depth does not include the stabilizers for the dedicated stand.  

8 The height includes the dedicated stand.  

9 The weight does not include the ink, master roll, and stand.

Notes: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice.