VRCut is a groundbreaking software solution designed to automate the cutting workflow by promoting an efficient and error-free cutting process from start to finish. VRCut intelligently bridges the gap between pre-press and the finishing process, allowing operators of any experience level the ability to cut with confidence on select Triumph cutters.

Ergonomic, 37 inch working height. Electric blade and clamp drive. Electric back gauge drive with touchpad for easy programming.Digital measurement display (cm or inches) with multilingual operator guidance, accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch. Stores 99programs with up to 99 steps in each (up to 15 repeat cuts can be integrated as a single step). Pre-programmed for standard papersizes. Memory key for repeat cuts. Automatic SET function for reference measurement and EJECT function for pushing out paper.Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display. Electronic hand wheel with variable speed control for manual back gaugesetting. Bright, LED optical cutting line. 3-step, LED front table illumination. Adjustable, spindle guided back gauge with narrowseparations and plastic gliders. Dual side guides on front and rear tables. High quality, German steel blade. Solid steel blade carrierand adjustable blade guides. All-metal construction. Includes stand with storage shelf, easy-access tool holder, and paper blockingtool. Optional side tables increase work surface


Cutting width, inches - 20 3/8

Cutting height, inches - 3

Narrow cut, inches - 1 3/8

Length behind blade, inches - 20 3/8

Electrical requirements - 115V 60Hz

Motor output, horsepower - 2

Dimensions (D x W x H), inches - 44 x 33 7/8 x 51

Shipping weight, pounds - 657

*20 amp dedicated line required

*width with side tables is 56 1/2 inches

*shipping weight with side tables is 677 pounds