Roland DGA Corporation is the U.S.-based marketing, distribution and sales arm of Roland DG Corporation of Hamamatsu, Japan, a worldwide leader in the sign, graphic arts, fine art, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modeling industries. Founded in 1981 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Roland DG is the world’s number one provider of wide-format inkjet printers for the durable graphics market.


  • Dual, staggered printheads with variable dot printing and True Rich Color presets offer natural, vibrant print results with higher color saturation
  • Water-based TrueVIS Resin Ink provides quick-drying, scratch-resistant, and safe results on a wide range of media
  • Legendary Roland DG machine reliability, service, and support now available in a resin ink printer
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified TrueVIS Resin Ink dries quickly, is environmentally friendly, and yields vibrant color and outstanding detail

CO Series

  • Premium quality direct-to-object or substrate printing
  • Special effect printing for added-value products
  • High-volume object customization and personalization
  • Available in a size and configuration to suit your business


  • Rapid, wide-pass, edge-to-edge printing on coroplast, acrylic, PETG, PVC board, foam board, wood, aluminum plate and so much more without loss of quality
  • Print 35 boards per hour and 280 boards a day with twelve printheads in a staggered formation— approximately 1,248.6 sq. ft. per hour in 4-color draft mode (Print speeds are based on average print test results for an average workday. Actual results may vary.)
  • High-density, high-adhesion UV inks offer exceptional results on metal, glass, acrylic and more— print with industry-leading, high-opacity White ink with CMYK in a single pass
  • Easily manage your machines movements, speed, voltage, head cleaning and more from your desktop with the Roland DG Print Control Center
  • Includes a premium RIP software package with intuitive tiling, scaling, cropping and many more essential features

LEC2 Series

  • Precision dot placement, advanced head technology, and new Orange and Red ECO-UV (EUV5) ink options offer the highest quality output with ultra-vivid color results and accurate brand color matching
  • Highlight the detail, feel the textures, and create simulated embossing with visible and tangible emphasis
  • Create exemplary prototypes in a single operation, and accurately cut elaborate stickers and labels
  • Gloss, White, Orange, Red and Primer

LG Series

  • Staggered print heads, ECO-UV inks, and Ture Rich Color combined with user-friendly features makes the LG the ultimate in professional UV print and cut.
  • A redesigned chassis, high-quality components, and a variety of media handling improvements make the LG perfect for unattended printing of short runs, long runs, print/cut, and so much more.
  • Easy-to-operate, and intuitive 7″ LCD touchscreen control panel.
  • Automated media calibration saves time and material.

MG Series

  • Value-packed, easy-to-use UV-LED printer/cutters deliver TrueVIS quality and performance at an entry-level price
  • Specially formulated wide-gamut UV inks for stunning color, exceptional detail, and eye-catching special effects
  • Allow small to medium sized print operations to offer a wide variety of applications, ranging from labels, backlits, and window graphics to packaging, vehicle graphics, and retail displays
  • High-quality components, time-saving RIP features and simple media handling make the MG perfect for printing short runs, long runs, print/cut, and so much more.

Roland LEF2-200

  • Profitable opportunities await online shopfronts, sign shops, and retail stores — print specialty graphics and create one-of-a-kind products in-house, on-demand

Texart™ XT-640S-DTG

  • It’s like having multiple DTG printers in one machine — instantly scale up production with an easy, expansive flatbed DTG printing option
  • Print beyond t-shirts with a unique sliding baseplate and platen flatbed operation that offers t-shirt productivity as well as the flexibility to print on specialty fabric items
  • Offers an intuitive digital workflow with pre-defined print environments and machine features that can work with your software systems and API for the ideal web-to-print solution
  • Create a range of products with a user-customizable platen system — includes 8 medium/large platens for t-shirt and apparel printing
  • 8-inch height clearance and expansive 54-inch × 63-inch flatbed printing space flatbed printing space — add larger, bulkier items to your print output


  • A TrueVIS VG3 series machine with additional ORALITE® 5900 media roll, 5061 lamination, and a DU2 dryer unit
  • Printed traffic sign colors are compliant* with ASTM guidelines and MUTCD standards
  • Roland DGA TrafficWorks™ compliance training to become a certified traffic signs and graphics producer
  • Create commercially compliant signage on-demand for your sign, construction, installation, or DOT traffic sign supply company
  • Roland DGA TrafficWorks software (powered by SAi) includes MUTCD compliant sign templates


  • Available in 64", 54" and 30" models
  • Featuring new TR2 ink for a wider color gamut with brilliantly vivid print output at a very low ink cost per sq/ft
  • Offering smart new print/cut features that include automated pinch rollers
  • 3M™ MCS™ Warranty and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certified for added print confidence
  • Included VersaWorks 6 RIP Software


  • User-focused enhancements with a 7-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration, and other automated tools
  • Incredible print output with True Rich Color 3 to improve brand reproduction and provide ultra-vivid color with super-smooth transitions
  • High-quality, 4-color print/cut results on signs, stickers, labels, vehicle wraps, apparel, and other graphics at a very low ink cost per sq/ft.
  • A one-touch lever locks the media in-place in one easy motion— other easy loading features include an integrated fan to keep the media steady during set-up.


  • Increased productivity through user enhancing features such as a 7-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration, and other intuitive, automated tools.
  • Further expand your gamut and output color with smoother color transitions— 8-color ink configurations offer even more color choice.
  • Four FlexFire printheads combine with other powerful printing and cutting features for the most accurate, on-color, and on-brand custom graphics.
  • Perforated sheet cut option reduces post-processing with “easy tear” perforations between print jobs.
  • A variety of available ink configurations expand your gamut to output rich color, smooth gradations, and beautiful skin tones.

Truevis VG2 Series

  • Featuring new inks and color modes for detailed color reproduction
  • Increased print/cut accuracy and smart new automated pinch rollers
  • 3M™ MCS™ Warranty and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certified for added print confidence
  • Nozzle Mask Function
  • New Media Take-Up

VersaEXPRESS RF-640 8-Color

  • The widest color gamut in its class (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Red, Green, Orange)
  • Reproduce specific brand colors with 8-color ink options
  • Brilliant photorealistic imaging at up to 1440 x720 dpi
  • A gold-plated print head reduces static, optimizes print quality, and virtually eliminates chromatic banding
  • Includes a take-up system for unattended printing and high-speed print stability

VersaOBJECT MO-240

  • Unsurpassed Image Quality: Reproduce complex graphics — even the most detailed designs and text — with amazing color vibrancy and accuracy.
  • Outstanding Productivity: Maximize your capabilities with a state-of-the-art UV device uniquely designed to streamline workflow, maximize output, and increase profits.
  • Greater Versatility: Print on a vast array of substrates and three-dimensional objects up to 8" thick, including cylindrical items with the optional Rotary Rack attachment.
  • Intuitive Interface: A 7-inch color touchscreen control and feature-filled, user-friendly VersaWorks 6 software make operation simple.


  • Easily the most versatile print devices in their class— print and cut on a huge range of vinyl, films, and media
  • In addition to traditional graphics, you can create heat transfer graphics for jerseys, hoodies, bags and more
  • Legendary Roland DG machine reliability combines with exceptional image quality and color to give you the solution you need to succeed
  • Now compatible with True Rich Color presets in VersaWorks 6 to widen your color gamut and achieve bolder and more targeted color results
  • A simplified media feed system automatically aligns roll media for printing— ensuring proper placement and tracking


  • Customize 3D Objects: Print vibrant graphics and detailed text directly on objects up to 102 mm high.
  • Professional Grade: Advanced UV printing technology, including a high-definition printhead.
  • Easy to Use: Engineered with a simple design and user-friendly utility software.
  • Compact Size: A small footprint allows for placement on virtually any desktop.
  • High Safety Standards: Featuring a built-in fume extractor and full-cover design.


  • Simple direct-to-film process - transfer even detailed graphics and fine text quickly and easily without weeding or masking
  • Complete direct-to-film solution featuring the BN-20D printer and available S-PG inks, S-F164 film, and S-Powder (each sold separately)
  • Unsurpassed reliability and minimal maintenance
  • When not being used for film transfer printing, the BN-20D can also serve as a stand-alone vinyl cutter
  • Included VersaWorks 6 RIP software - Roland DG's most powerful, intuitive RIP to date

VersaSTUDIO BN2 Series

  • Professional quality printing and cutting functionality allows for a wide range of applications
  • Faster print speeds for optimum productivity
  • Affordably priced to suit the budgets of start-ups, & smaller businesses
  • Easy to use – even for those with no prior printing experience
  • Compact size is ideal for print environments with limited space
  • Feature-filled, intuitive design and output software included


  • Easy-to-use, compact, affordable DTF printer for those who want to start an apparel business, or for existing DTF users seeking to expand their current product offerings
  • Prints vibrant, detailed DTF graphics that can be transferred to a wide variety of fabrics with no weeding required
  • The only desktop DTF printer with sheet cut and contour-cutting capabilities – can also be used for traditional print and cut applications
  • Optimized print modes for improved productivity
  • Integrates with popular DTF powder shaker and heater units for an automated system

VersaUV LEC2 S-Series

  • Discover new revenue streams, target new customers, and increase profitability with a machine that offers both flexible and rigid printing
  • Advanced UV print features combined with a height clearance of up-to 7.87” offer high-end print results on thousands of products
  • Get exceptional quality UV print results with double CMYK or CMYK with Orange, Red, White, Gloss and Primer configurations
  • Extraordinary application versatility — print on items up-to 7.87 inches in height  and up-to 2373 lbs. in weight
  • An intuitive distance print mode delivers brilliant print consistency on objects that  are flat, irregular, or curved

VersaUV LEF2-300

  • A new LED pointer precisely pinpoints the origin point of your print job.
  • A new corner fixture screws  into place on the print bed and simplifies set-up and alignment of items for printing.
  • Save time and materials by altering the test print position— test print on the same material multiple times.
  • Included vacuum bed to hold media steady for added print stability.
  • The fully-enclosed LEF2-300 requires no special electrical set-up, is simple-to-operate, and runs safe, clean, and cool.

VersaUV LEF2-300D

  • Add gloss/matte finishes, realistic textures, or 3D embossed effects to add a whole new dimension of “touch and color”
  • A head refresher removes the remaining ink on your printheads to keep them clean, healthy and efficient
  • Includes a removable spacer table that allows you to print onto objects less than 4" thick when removed
  • Automatically clean printheads and circulate White ink— an auto wake-up also alerts you to start cycling procedures
  • The fully-enclosed LEF2-300D requires no special electrical set-up,  is simple-to-operate, and runs safe, clean, and cool

CAMM-1 GR2 Series

  • AAS II Positioning — an intelligent sensor workflow that automatically crops-by-row and repositions for efficient print-then-cut production
  • Cutting speeds up to 1,530 mm/s with a downforce of up to 600 gf — cut thin films and thick vinyl with ultimate ease
  • New GreatCut-R Software for setting up weed lines, saving job histories, and other dedicated cutting functions
  • Cut exact with the overcut function that cuts perfect angles and sharp corners when cutting thick material
  • Easy integration with TrueVIS VF2-640 and other large format Roland DG printers using VersaWorks 6 RIP software


  • A desktop engraving machine that performs like a production class engraver
  • Optional center vise available that holds objects up-to 5.9” (X) by 5.8” (Y) by 1.3” (Z)
  • Small footprint machine with an ample 12” by 9” work area fits comfortably into offices, classrooms and workshops
  • Offers a safe and clean engraving solution with a fully-enclosed engraving operation


  • Add reflective graphics in a myriad of textures and colors onto phone covers, leather handbags, packaging, and so much more† († Use genuine leather processed with plant-based tanning when transferring. Other types of treated leather may produce inconsistent results.)
  • Incredibly economic-to-use when compared to hot-foil stamping, it offers laser-precise results
  • Provides a unique opportunity for your kiosk, online shop, or graphics business to create original and exciting custom products
  • Includes METAZAStudio software — use system fonts and vector designs and import designs from AI or EPS formats.
  • Features a removable print table and an expansive decorating area to personalize objects in a 12" (W) x 9.06" (D) space.


  • Diamond-tipped stylus marks silver, copper, platinum, brass, and aluminum up to 200HV
  • Includes easy-to-use METAZA Studio software
  • Built-in laser pointer for quick and precise imprint set-up
  • Automatic surface detection
  • Variable data printing capabilities for applying sequential data


  • Powerful Spindle Motor
  • G-Code Compatible
  • Independent Collet System
  • Bundled SRP Player Software
  • Versatile Tooling Options

VersaSTUDIO GS2-24

  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation
  • Increased power to easily cut hundreds of materials
  • Fast & accurate cut performance
  • Built to fit into your workflow
  • Stand included with purchase holds roll media and offers smooth set up