With the investment in a single machine, you can handle high quality numbering, creasing, rotary and strike perforating all-in-one. The FC114ASP has a reliable bottom vacuum-feed system. This machine delivers accurate CAM actuated compression creasing with 2 crease widths, pneumatic numbering up to 24 times virtually anywhere on the sheet, plus perforating and optional micro-perforating. It’s a compact, incredibly easy to use and highly versatile “all in one” solution that includes automatic “one-touch” set-ups.


  • Reliable bottom vacuum feed system with a register guide.
  • Simple programming allows you to number, crease or perforate individually.
  • Accommodates inline folders like the KF-200.


  • Ideal for custom two- and three-part partitions.
  • User-friendly touch screen for easy set up and control of the machine.
  • Two-sided die creasing rod accommodates for heavier stock-simply remove and flip over to change from narrow to wide crease.
  • Automated distance recognition–allows auto setups for your most common creases and corresponding folds.
  • CAM actuated compression creasing.


  • Complete strike perforating assembly included, with linear perf capabilities up to 4 strike perfs per sheet-optional micro-perf and score wheel assemblies are available.
  • External air is required for numbering and strike perforating.


  • Includes reliable pneumatic, Gothic wheel reverse numbering heads–with 7 digits, 4 drop zeros and 4 repeats.
  • Flexibility to apply numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet–from lead edge, place numbers within 1 mm of previous number.
  • Number single sheets, or crash number up to a 10-part carbonless form.
  • Choice of black or red ink, in patented self-inking disposable cartridges–no re-inking required!–for approx. 25,000 impressions per cartridge.
  • Program each numbering head individually for multiple numbering.

Model - FC114ASP

Rating - Best

Creasing Speed - 4,500 sheets / hour

Perf/Scoring Speed - 12,000 sheets / hour

Numbering Speed - 8,000 sheets / hour

Feed Type - Vacuum Bottom

Volume - Low - High

Paper Weight - 60 - 350 gsm

Max Sheet Size - 18" x 24"

Min Sheet Size - 6" x 4.5"

Power Supply - 110/220 W 50/60 Hz

Dimensions - 63" x 29" x 44"

Machine Weight - 222 lbs

Shipping Weight - 515 lbs