The next evolution in short run digital label finishing is here. The RF8510 is a complete, affordable digital label finishing solution that meets the needs of converters and end users who have short run label finishing requirements. The RF8510 digital label finisher is an all-in-one finishing solution that laminates, digital die-cuts without dies, strips, slits and re-winds your labels. The RF8510 digital label finisher relies on proven and revolutionary technology to die-cut labels on-demand without the need for expensive dies, or the delay in waiting for dies to be produced.

Using the same vector based file data that would typically be “sent out” for die manufacturing, this data is opened in Adobe Illustrator and sent to the Intoprint RF8510 digital label finisher. plotting technology that can cut any die shape on the fly. Print to cut registration is accomplished via the SMARTMark Optical Registration System. Multiple registration marks can be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file, compensating for any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by the output device or material. The computer-driven cutting technology is also capable of cutting multiple depths within the same cut file, allowing for perforations or multi-layer applications.

Simple File Layout

The Intoprint RF8510 features a simple user interface for quick job setup and easy operation. When sending a job to the finisher, it will cut a single test copy so that you can verify everything is correct. Once the test copy if verified, you can simply select the copy function and either enter the amount of frames you need cut, or set the finisher to run until the roll is empty. The RF8510 provides the ability to adjust both the cut pressure and the quality settings on the fly, which allows you to keep your production running without sacrificing any quality, Adjustments to the print and cut alignment are provided on the touch panel and make for quick adjustments to ensure a perfect alignment every time.

The Intoprint RF8510 digital label finisher provides end users with their own “in house” label finishing solution that reduces their inventory requirements and costs. For the professional converter, the Intoprint RF8510 enables them to provide their current customers with “value added” capabilities while responding to the increasing demand for high quality, short run, custom labels.

  • Contour Cutting Full HPGL vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor
  • Speed Up to 13 feet/min | 4 meters/min
  • Web Width 3 - 8.5 inches | 10 - 21.5 cm
  • Max Frame Length 14 inches | 35.5 cm
  • Max Input Roll Diameter 8 inches | 20 cm
  • Max Output Roll Diameter 8 inches | 20 cm
  • Recommended Roll Length 500 feet | 153 meters
  • Make Ready Waste 4 feet | 1.2 meters
  • Cutting Technology Pivoting carbide tip - 30, 45 & 60 degree
  • User Interface Touch panel display
  • Connectivity Ethernet 100 Base-T or USB 2.0
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 31” x 21” 22”
  • Weight 185 lbs | 85 kg
  • Power Requirement 100-240 VAC | 900 watts
  • Warranty Limited 1 year
  • Software Adobe Illustrator Plug In Direct Cut, Remote Control Panel
  • Software Compatibility with Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems