600i Digital Booklet System

With the fully automated 600i Digital Booklet System, the DBM-600/T Bookletmaker and Trimmer integrate the stitcher, folder, and face trimmer into one. The DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder, with front/side air separation and an anti-static device, handles the output printed from your digital presses and offers a barcode reader option to process variable data with integrity. No manual set ups. With a speed of up to 3,272 booklets per hour, the 600i Digital Booklet System delivers a wide variety of applications, from catalogs to corporate reports, on demand.

600i Digital Booklet System

Precision Bookletmaking for Production Environments

Precision Near-Line Sheet Feeding

to Meet Digital Printer Demands!

The Digital Booklet Systems are Duplo’s latest line of near-line finishing systems featuring the DSF-2200 Digital Sheet Feeder. Configured to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s digital printer, the Digital Booklet Systems are designed to take printed output from multiple sources and convert them into professionally-finished booklets.

For maximum versatility, the DSF-2200 can be configured with the DBM-600 Bookletmaker. Equipped with heavy-duty Hohner stitching heads, the 600i Digital Booklet System is the perfect solution for medium and high volume printers who need an efficient and reliable way to convert documents into professionally-finished saddle, side, or corner-stitched booklets as well as letter landscape applications and much more. For increased productivity, the DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer can be added.

Superior Feeding System

Feeding up to 200 sheets per minute, the DSF-2200 is the perfect device for feeding both digital and offset printed documents. Similar to that of its higher-end counterpart, the DSF-5000 model, the DSF-2200 utilizes Duplo’s patented fan technology to provide a constant and steady supply of air and suction. Together with its 8-belt suction feed system, front and side air separation and Air Management System, this compact but powerful feeder delivers exceptional feeding for a wide range of paper stocks and weights up to 300 gsm.  It can handle the smallest sheet size of 4.13” x 7.87” up to 14” x 20”, or 9.05” x 24” using the optional Extension Tray Kit to process the increasingly popular letter landscape application.

Precision & Accuracy

Confidently feed documents with precision and accuracy. Each bin of the DSF-2200 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, a must have feature for feeding digitally printed documents or output with heavy ink coverage. Using sound waves to detect air gaps between two sheets, ultrasonic sensors are not affected by variations in ink, toner, color or paper weight and therefore, eliminate false feed errors caused by these variables.


The feed trays can be utilized in five different ways for optimum efficiency. The upper bin provides a loading capacity of 2.56” and the lower bin provides a loading capacity of 7.87”. Both bins can be used to feed the cover, content or sets with self covers and can feed a variety of paper types and weights up to 300 gsm with ease and precision.

Integrity & Security

Process documents containing variable sheet counts using the built-in End Mark Reader or optional barcode reader. Utilize 1D or 2D barcodes to allow the optional barcode reader to check the set ID, page sequence and total sheet count of each set to ensure that sensitive and personalized information is processed with complete integrity and accuracy.

PC Controller

With the PC Controller, operators of any skill level can easily program  and manage the settings and adjustments of the entire system from a single computer. Using the hard drive memory of the PC, you can store a large number of jobs which can later be recalled to quickly and easily set up the system.

150 Digital Booklet System

The 150 Digital Booklet System is Duplo’s entry-level sheet feeding system connecting the DSF-2200 with the DBM150S Bookletmaker. Featuring the Isaberg Rapid stapler and staple cartridge, the DBM-150S Bookletmaker produces a high quality, flat staple every time. Each cartridge holds 5,000 staples and wear parts are replaced each time the cartridge is changed out, providing a high level of reliability. The DBM150S Bookletmaker can be operated via the control panel where up to 16 jobs can be saved in memory or via a PC using the optional PC Controller. Compact in size yet built-in with high performance features, the 150 Digital Booklet System produces superior corner, side, or saddle-stapled applications up to 1,720 booklets per hour.

Key Applications

• Promotional Calendars

• Letter Landscape Catalogs

• CD-Size Booklets

• Half Letter-Size Brochures

• Marketing Collateral with Spot UV Covers

Letter Size Booklets


DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder

Number of Bins



Front air (fan); side air (fan); optional trail edge (pump)

Feeding System

8 belts with 40 square inches of suction (fan)

Paper Loading Capacity

Tray A: 2.56” (65 mm)

Tray B: 7.87” (200 mm)

Paper Size

Length: 7.87” – 20” (200 – 508 mm)

(Maximum paper length is 24” /610 mm only when the paper width is 7.88” 9.05”/ 200 230 mm.

If the width is more than 9.05”/230 mm, the maximum paper length is 20”/508 mm)

Width: 4.13” – 14.02” (105 – 356 mm)

Paper Type

Art/coated paper; laminated paper 79 – 300 gsm; fine paper 52.3 – 300 gsm

Processing Speed

Up to 200 sheets/minute (A4 SEF)

Control Panel

Liquid crystal display unit with main controls through PC interface

Additional Functions

Ultrasonic double-feed detection; end mark detector (sensor); anti-static device; alternate feed function

Dimensions (W x D x H)

37” x 30” x 34”


100 – 240V 50/60Hz 2.6A 2.6 – 1.1A

Power Consumption



254 lbs.


PC Controller; Trail Edge Air Kit; Preload Kit; Extension Tray Kit; Barcode Kit

DBM-600 Bookletmaker

Paper Size: Saddle Stitch & Fold

Length: 6.7” - 25.19” (170 - 640 mm)

Width: 4.13” - 14.33” (105 - 364 mm)

*Subject to feeder specifications.    

Some restriction may apply.

Paper Size: Side/Corner Stitch

LTR LEF, LTR SEF (Side stitch only), LGL SEF, LGL LEF, A4 SEF, A4 LEF, A4SR SEF,

A4SR LEF, B4 SEF, B4 LEF (Side stitch only), B5 LEF

Paper Capacity (Stitch & Fold)

Stitch & Fold: 2 – 30 sheet of 80 gsm (0.12”/ 3.0mm or less)

Side and Corner: 2 – 50 sheets of 80gsm (0.20”/ 5.0mm or less)

*Some restrictions may apply


Up to 5,200 sets/hour1

Number of Stitching/Stapling Heads

2 standard, 4 stitch heads optional

Programmable Memory


Power Requirements

120V 60Hz 4.5A

Dimensions (L x W x H)

73” x 37” x 51”


831 lbs.


4 Stitch Kit; Calendar Kit; Offset Trim Kit; Air Kit; DBMSSW Short Stacker Conveyor

1  Dependent upon connected devices and number of bins in use