Duplo DC-516 Pro

The DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher offers the flexibility to be used as a high speed creaser, cutter, or perforating device – or a combination of any two – for finishing longer runs. Dual creasing modules perform positive or negative patterns up to 100 sheets per minute and two can be used simultaneously to produce perfect bound covers with hinges and Z-fold pieces. If cutting high volume cards is what you need, you can quickly cut 36-up business cards on 14″ x 20″ using the cutting and slitting modules. The rotary tool and cross perforating modules can be used to create custom T- or L-shape perforations for large production jobs.

DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher

High Speed Finishing for Production Environments

High Speed Impact Creasing

Creasing prior to folding not only prevents toner cracking but also allows your fold devices to bend the sheets with greater ease, resulting in cleaner fold lines.

Utilizing the dual creasing modules, the DC-516 Pro offers the capability to perform positive or negative patterns up to 100 sheets per minute in a single pass. The impact creasing maintains the high speed regardless of the number of creases applied.

Use both modules simultaneously and interchangeably when up and down creases are required to fold sheets in opposite directions. Produce creative applications such as perfect bound covers with hinges and Z-fold pieces in-house.

High Speed Cutting

Cut 24-up business cards on 13” x 19” or 36-up cards on 14” x 20” sheets in a matter of seconds. The DC-516 Pro gets the job done with cutting and slitting modules that apply up to 30 cuts and 10 slits per sheet.

Margins and gutters are trimmed horizontally by the slitter and vertically by the cutter then deposited into the waste bin. Only the finished pieces are delivered.

The slitter tools are manually adjustable with cuts set via the control panel. Finish large volume card applications with incredible precision that is second to none.

High Speed Perforating

Create tickets, coupons, and reply cards with T- or L- shape perforations by adding the rotary tool and cross perforating modules.

The rotary tool performs micro-perforations, scores, slit-scores, and strike perforations along the length of the sheet. With the cross perforating module, the DC-516 Pro utilizes a long rule to apply perforations across the width of the sheet and teeth can be removed when a partial perforation is desired.

Deliver unique applications with tear-off cards placed anywhere on the sheet.

Large Capacity Feeding

Non-stop productivity is ensured with a 14" feed capacity, the largest in our DC series of finishers. The air suction belt system feeds from the top of the stack to minimize scuffing. The air knife reduces static between the sheets while the side air provides additional air flow for longer sheets. The ultrasonic sensor detects when two or more sheets have been fed. In addition, the soft sponge rollers allow you to finish raised spot UV coated applications with confidence.

The DC-516 Pro utilizes a laser sensor to read the registration mark on every sheet to adjust for any image shifting due high fusing temperatures. Job set up is easily done through the LCD touchscreen panel and up to 250 jobs can be stored in memory. Quickly recall and change over from one job to another with minimal downtime.

Optional Modules

The DC-516 Pro comes with several finishing modules as standard while the DC-516 base model offers the choice to select what you need and when you need it as your business grows. Two slots allow you to mix and match any two modules to produce a wider range of applications. APPLICATIONS DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher Scan to watch the video DC-516 ProDC-516 Base

Key Applications

• Business Cards & Postcards

• Z-folds & Accordion Pieces

• Perfect Bound Covers

• Direct Mail with Perforated Reply Cards

• Marketing Collateral

Spot UV Business Cards

Textured Gatefold

Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Trifold Brochure


DC-516 Pro Multi-Finisher


Creasing: 100 ppm (6,000 sheets per hour) 8.5" x 11" SEF 1 crease

Cutting: 12 sheets per minute (720 sheets per hour) 13" x 19" 24-Up business cards

Input Paper Size

Width: 5.5" x 14.6" (140-370 mm)

Length: 5.9" x 26.37" (150 -670 mm)

Feeder Capacity

14.2" (360 mm)

Paper Weight

110 – 400 gsm


6 standard Slitter tools (PRO)

Optional Slitter tools can be installed for maximum of 10 Slits


Up to 30 cuts per sheet (PRO)


Up to 20 creases per sheet with each module

Positive and negative creasing capabilities

Two creasing modules are required for up and down creasing


250 jobs using the control panel

Standard Features

Air Knife, Side Air, Feed Skew Adjustment, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection,

REG Mark Scanner, Batch Separation, Waste Box, Emergency Stop Switch, LCD Control Panel


CRM-10 Crease Module

OSM-06 Slitter Module (includes 6 Slitters and requires OMK-08)

CPM-06 Cross Perforating Module

RTM-06 Rotary Tool Module (requires OMK-08 and OMK-07 for Skip Perforation)

SLT-26 Slitter Left Unit (1 Slitter Block)

SLT-27 Slitter Right Unit (1 Slitter Block)

CTM-05 Cutter Module (requires OMK-12)

Power Requirements

115V: 5.5A 50/60Hz

PRO Model

Includes 1 Creasing Module, 1 Cutting Module, 1 Slitting Module and ST-3 Long Conveyor Stacker

Base Model

Includes 2 Creasing Modules, all other options can be configured according to user's needs

Dimensions (W x D x H)

DC-516 Base: (W) 84" x (D) 31" x (H) 43"

DC-516 PRO: (W) 92" x (D) 31" x (H) 43"

Net Weight

DC-516 Base: 363 lb (165 kg)

DC-516 Pro: 513 lb (233 kg)

Production rates are based on optimal conditions and may vary depending on stock and environmental conditions.