DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

The DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is Duplo's versatile digital color finisher providing printers the ability to create a multitude of unique full-bleed applications with more efficiency and flexibility. Performing up to 8 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass, the DC-646 eliminates white borders and prevents toner cracking on fold lines up to 30 sheets per minute and also offers optional rotary tool and cross perforating modules, both with strike-perforating capabilities, for increased versatility.

The DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser is easy for anyone to use and even the most inexperienced operator can finish a job within minutes. The DC-646 comes equipped with the PC Controller software, enabling users to operate the system from a PC. The wizard makes it simple for operators to create new jobs, make adjustments, and save virtually an unlimited number of jobs on the hard drive for faster changeovers.

A job template library is included with the PC Controller which can be used to produce common applications. To ensure print jobs are optimized for finishing on the DC-646, a sample PDF is also included in the template library to make sure margins and gutters are set correctly. Operators can now also generate PDF template files for jobs created on the PC Controller. 

In addition, the DC-646 comes built-in with a CCD scanner, enabling it to recall any job stored in memory simply by reading the printed barcode and automatically setting up the job. The scanner also reads registration marks and compensates for the sheet-by-sheet image shift in both directions, delivering accurately finished pieces every time

The DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser features a 3.9” (100 mm) feed capacity stacker and a unique top air-suction feeding system to maintain the consistency and productivity throughout the operation. The high capacity stacker means the system will run for a longer period of time without having to reload while the air-suction system feeds from the top of the stack to reduce scuffing and marking on the sheets.

Additionally, the DC-646 comes equipped with side air, an air knife and ultrasonic sensor for improved feed consistency. The air knife provides additional air flow to the stack and reduces static on the sheets. The ultrasonic sensor detects when two or more sheets have been fed and automatically sends rejected sheets into the reject tray.

Processing up to 8 slits, 30 cuts and 20 creases in a single pass, the DC-646 finishes full-bleed documents up to 26.4” (670 mm) in length. To further extend its versatility, optional modules can be added to meet a wider array of customer demands. The DC646 offers three areas where operators can mix and match any optional modules to produce a variety of unique applications

• Rotary Tool Module performs perforations, micro- perforations, scores, slit-scores, and strike perforations (across the length of the sheet) 

• Cross Perforating Module performs perforations, micro- perforations, slit-scores, and strike perforations (across the width of the sheet) 

• Add an extra Slitting Module with 2 more slitters for a maximum of 8 slits per sheet (6 slits standard + 2 slits optional)

• The DC-646 is also compatible with the Integrated Folding System (IFS), creating an even more versatile finishing solution that slits, cuts, creases, scores, perforates, slit- scores, micro-perfs, and folds – all in one pass 

• Optional 48” Long Conveyor Stacker allows for higher stacking capacity and unloading while machine is running 

With the DC-646, users can produce unique applications such as: 

 • 24-up business cards (without an additional module required) 

 • “L” perforated business card within a postcard 

 • Slit-score, lay-flat greeting cards 

 • Direct mailers with “T” or “L” shape perforated coupons

 • Event tickets with multiple perforations

  • Feeder Capacity 3.9” (100 mm) 
  • In-Feed Paper Size Width Length 8.26” x 14.56” (210 - 370 mm) 8.26” x 26.37” (210 - 670 mm)
  • Finished Size Minimum (WxL) 1.89” x 1.97”/ 48 mm x 50 mm 
  • Paper Weight 110 - 350 gsm / 80 lb. text - 130 lb. cover 
  • Speed (3-Step Setting) 30 ppm (A4 SEF, lead/trim 10 mm, center crease) 22 ppm when using CCD 
  • Image Shift Compensation Reading modes: every sheet, every “x” sheet, adjust over “x” mm shift only, first sheet only 
  • Tolerance ±0.2 mm 
  • Slits 6 standard slitter tools (2 margin slitters, 4 center slitters) Optional slitter module (the module carries 2 slitter tools) can be installed for a maximum of 8 slits 
  • Cuts Maximum 30 cuts per sheet 
  • Creases Maximum 20 creases per sheet 
  • Crease Depth Adjustment 3 steps (from control panel) 
  • Exit Tray Capacity 5.9” (150 mm)
  • Card Stacker (Standard)
    Type Capacity Stackable card size Stacker 3.54” (90 mm) Width: 1.89” x 14.56” (48 - 370 mm) Length: 1.97” x 7.87” (50 - 200 mm) 
  • Standard Features 250 job memory in main unit; test feed (1 sheet); air knife; side air; feed skew adjustment; pause feeding; ultrasonic double-feed detection; CCD scanner for automatic job recall via barcode reading and image drift compensation via registration mark reading; on-the-fly rejection; card stacker; job lock feature; batch separation; waste box; emergency stop switch; cleaning mode; PC controller software; PDF template generator, PC arm mount 
  • Options Rotary tool module (includes 2 each of perf, micro perf, score, slit-score), can also do strike perforation; Slitter module (2 independent sets of slitters); Cross perforating module (includes 1 each of perf, micro perf, slit-score), can also do strike perforation. (All modules require a PCB kit, however only one kit is needed for the use of multiple modules); 48” Long Conveyor Stacker; Integrated Folding System (IFS); PC arm and PC 
  • Power Consumption 115V: 5.5A 670W, 60Hz 
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) In use: 90” x 34” x 44”/ 2300 mm x 875 mm x 1120 mm
  • Required Footprint (WxDxH) 69” x 35” x 53”/ 1760 mm x 880 mm x 1335 mm 
  • Weight Gross Net 760 lbs./ 345 kg 617 lbs./ 280 kg