DCR-ST Cross Stacker

Duplo's DCR-ST Cross Stacker is an optional unit for the DSC-10/60i or DSC-10/20 Collator. It is ideal for cross or straight stacking jobs. It is capable of processing up to 4,000 sets per hour. It is ideal for applications such as corporate reports, brochures and catalogs.

Suitable for higher volume stacking jobs, the DCR-ST can cross or straight stack up to 7.87". It connects between the collator and bookletmaker. When the stacker is not being used, a bypass bridge redirects the paper to the bookletmaker for bookletmaking without having to remove any devices.

Paper Size

Tray L: 8.46” x 12.6” – 13.98” x 17.72”

Tray S: 8.27” x 12.8” – 5.83” x 9.84”

Stack Height

Tray L: 3.94”

Tray S: 7.87”


Tray L: Up to 3,000 sets per hour 11” x 17”

Tray S: Up to 4,000 sets per hour 8.5” x 11”