DSC 10/60i Paper Collator

Duplo's DSC 10/60i Collator collates up to 10,000 sets per hour and functions as stand-alone with a stacker. It configurable with a DBM-600/DBM-350 Bookletmaker or DBMS Saddle Stitcher. This collator has the ability to feed both offset and digital print applications making its potential endless. It also includes high resolution optical sensors which check and validate for feeding accuracy.

Equipped with a unique feeding and Air Management System, the DSC-10/60i Suction Collator provides optimum performance to feed a wide variety of paper types, weights, and sizes with superior efficiency and reliability. High resolution optical sensors check and validate the feeding accuracy and automatically divert any faulty sets into a reject tray without stopping or interrupting production.

Up to 6 towers can be connected for a maximum of 60 bins. Divide the bins into 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 blocks to allow reloading without having to stop or interrupt productivity. Use the interleaf mode to insert one or two sheets between a specified number of sheets or control each bin individually by using the IMBF (Intelligent Multi-Bin Feeding) to program the bins to perform customized feeding sequences.

The DSC-10/60i Suction Collator has the ability to feed to the left into a bookletmaker or to the right into a stacker. Its configurable with the DBM-600 and DBM-350 Bookletmaker (see the 600i/350 Booklet System) and the DBMS Saddle Stitcher (see the iSaddle System).



Number of Bins

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

Paper Size

Width: 4.1” - 14”

Length: 5.8” - 24”

(width of paper must be within 7.88" - 9.05" when paper length is greater than 20")

Paper Weight

Fine quality paper: 52-157 gsm (Cover: 52-300 gsm)

Art coated paper: 79-157 gsm (Cover: 79-300 gsm)

Bin Capacity



Bookletmaking: Up to 5,000 booklets per hour

Collating: Up to 10,000 sets per hour

See product brochure for complete specifications.


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