DSS-350 Square Spine

It’s the finishing touch in professional bookletmaking. Squared back booklets lay flat and provide that perfect bound look that adds value. They’re also easier to pack into boxes, saving you in shipping costs. With a processing speed of up to 2,600 booklets per hour, the DSS-350 is ideal for low to mid-volume runs and it’s the fastest of its kind. It can be configured with the 350 Booklet System and 350i Digital Booklet System or can be placed near your system to hand-feed booklets are they are being finished.

DSS-350 Square Spine

Add a Squared Back Finish to your Booklets

Key Applications

• Catalogs

• Yearbooks

• Manuals

• Corporate Reports

• Marketing Collateral with Spot UV Covers


DSS-350 Square Spine


DSS-350 Off-line

Bookletmaker: N/A

Feeder: Hand Feed, DBMI-T


Bookletmaker: DBM-350/350T

Feeder: DSC-10/20, DSF-2200, DC-445

1 DSS-350

Bookletmaker: DBMS-S/DBMS-T

Feeder: DSC-10/60i, DSF-2200

1 Requires stand and short stacker


Up to 2,600 booklets per hour

Booklet Size

Max. 12.60” x 9.05” (320 mm x 230 mm)

Min. 4.13” x 3.35” (105 mm x 85 mm)

Paper Quality

Fine Quality Paper: 64 – 127.9 gsm

Art/Coated Paper: 104.7 – 127.9 gsm

Cover: Up to 300 gsm

Booklet Thickness

Within 0.17”/4.2 mm (max 1 cover,

210 gsm +19 sheets/81.4 gsm)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

25” x 26” x 32”

(626 mm x 662 mm x 817 mm)

Production rates are based upon optimal operating conditions and may vary depending on stock and environmental conditions.

As part of our continuous product improvement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.